Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Rosemary Bushabe

The Executive Director

Rose is the Executive Director and Founder of Rwebisengo Widows Cultural Association (RWCA) an organization she started in 2013 after losing her late husband. Before starting RWCA, Rose was a Church lay leader and an evangelist working with her late husband who by then was a Reverend and an Archdeacon working under Church of Uganda (Anglican Church), she is also a retired Grade III teacher a job she did in the early 30s before joining church work.

She is a social activist, a strong respected community leader, and a social voice for women pastoralists, especially widows. Her interest and compassion for widows and women's empowerment stems from her own experience when she lost her husband and was denied inheritance of the husband's property including livestock and Land, Rose noticed that she was not alone but many other Widows and women Pastoralists were going through the same experience and are Coping up with psychological, stigma, economic, cultural and social challenges. 

Her extensive experience and Passion to help and serve vulnerable pastoralists has been instrumental in the growth and success of RWCA. Rose is supported by a team of highly dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure that the organization’s programs are implemented effectively and with fidelity. 

Reach out to Rosemary at her Email; rbushabe@rwebisengowidows.org