Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Child protection in the Pastoralist Communities
SRH services for indigenous Adolescents girls in Pastoralist Communities.
Empowering Indigenous Pastoralist women Groups

Our Programs

RWCA implements her Activities in five thematic areas, i.e. Livelihood, cultural and Land Rights, violence prevention and Response. Health and Education 

Cultural and Land Rights for Pastoralists.

1) Women Pastoralists Land rights.
2) Cultural Heritage preservation and safeguarding.
3) Cultural Entrepreneurship.
4) Research

Education and child protection.

1) OVC programming 2) Education subsidy.
3) Policy Advocacy

Violence prevention and Response.

1) Gender based violence prevention. 2) system strengthening interventions
3) Policy Advocacy


1) HIV care and prevention services
2) Maternal and child care health services
3) Sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents.


1) Formation of Saving and Credit schemes.
2) Vocational skilling.
3) Agrobusiness.
4) Formation of Farmer Associations for collective marketing.