Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Stigma, denial and fear of rejection continue to impede HIV testing, and along with limited access to care and treatment services more so for the most at risk populations (MARPs) where we have the key populations (KPs) and priority populations (PPs).

RWCA in partnership with other development organizations implements activities aiming at

  • Reducing HIV incidences among key and priority populations (KPs and PPs) through risk reduction interventions and safer sex environments
  • Provision and referral for health care services (STI, HIV testing, ART, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Post Exposure Prophylaxis and contraception) to key and priority populations (KPs and PPs)
  • Enhancing skills development and income generation for key and priority populations (KPs and PPs) to address the predisposing social-economic factors.