Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Cultural Entrepreneurship Project.

These are some of the cultural handicraft products produced by RWCA members under CCFU’s Cultural entrepreneurship Project to enhance their livelihoods. this project has helped widows to generate income and support their families. please support the project by buying some of these produced products. 


RWCA implements her activities in four thematic areas; Cultural rights promotion and heritage conservation, health, Education and livelihoods targeting Pastoralist communities. Appreciating the fact that there are strong cultural norms and believes in Pastoral communities, RWCA pay great attention to culture while designing interventions and strategies to address problems in Read more…

Ekyooto Cultural festival,

Rwebisengo Widows Cultural Association (RWCA) is among the other organizations across Africa who participated in EKYOOTO Cultural and Food festival event at Uganda Museum from 9th to 11th August 2019, the event was characterized of many cultures with different cultural activities such as Dance, music and Drama, fireplace story tell/folktales, Read more…