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Child protection in the Pastoralist Communities
SRH services for indigenous Adolescents girls in Pastoralist Communities.
Empowering Indigenous Pastoralist women Groups

Who we are.


Rwebisengo Widows Cultural Association (RWCA) is a growing indigenous organization operating in the pastoralist communities. it was started by widows in 2013 in Ntoroko District. The organization is currently registered with Ntoroko District local government Reg no 215. 

Whom does RWCA work with? 

RWCA works with indigenous Pastoralists groups of women and children in the districts of Kasese among the Basongora and Ntoroko among the Batuku, all in Rwenzori region. RWCA primarily focuses on widowed women, marginalized women living in ultra-poverty situations, the illiterate, those living in conflict situations, survivors of violence, refuges, women living with HIV and those disabled. For children, RWCA targets those with the following risk factors; orphans and vulnerable children, children living with HIV, children in conflict with the law, survivors of sexual violence, out of school girls and boys and the disabled.  

The organization focuses on five key thematic areas:

  • Livelihoods
  • Cultural and Land Rights. 
  • Violence prevention and response,
  • Health
  • Education.


A socially and economically empowered health pastoral community


To identify, examine and respond to social-economic and cultural barriers affecting the most vulnerable indigenous Pastoralist women and youths

Our objectives.

RWCA’s strategic objectives include; 

  1. To address barriers hindering economic resilience and food security in pastoral communities.
  2. To Promote cultural, civil and land rights of indigenous minority Pastoralists. 
  3. To prevent and respond to violence and discrimination against pastoralist women and children.
  4. To increase access and utilization of quality healthcare services in pastoralist communities.
  5. To support vulnerable Pastoralist men and women to access affordable and quality education.