Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Rwebisengo Widows Cultural Association (RWCA) hereby sets her Hight high to join the rest of Africa and the World at Large to commemorate “Africa World Heritage Day”. The 38th session of UNESCO’s General Conference (November 2015) declared 5th May of every year as “Africa World Heritage Day” where people around the world, particularly Africans celebrate the continent’s unique cultural and natural heritage. African heritage accounts for approximately 8.5% of all properties inscribed globally), these properties have however faced contemporary threats such as climate change, uncontrolled exploitation, poaching, civil strife and instability, many African World Heritage sites are in danger of losing their outstanding universal value. The need to protect and preserve this irreplaceable heritage for the enjoyment of future generations are therefore more urgent than ever.

It’s therefore our responsibility as Ugandans to preserve and safeguard heritage sites for the generation to come and also enjoy, This is one of the key thematic areas RWCA focuses on. Visit Uganda and enjoy these 10 must see Historical sites.

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