Paul House, Rwebisengo Town

Dear Reader. Thank you for your interest to learn about what RWCA does.

Sorry, the audio attached here is an advert in our local language however we would love to translate it for you.


Oh dear!!  

I have asked it to remain silent but it can stop, I mean the small bird in the tree shouting calling buyers, tourists and students to come and see what the widows of RCWA are doing, they have been empowered by cross cultural foundation of Uganda (CCFU). They make good milk calabashes, hide and skins, cultural perfume and jerries, bride beads. Get them for your weding and other cultural functions. Contact them on this telephone NO. 0774642339.

Thank you cross cultural foundation of Uganda for supporting the widows of RWCA, find them in Ntoroko, Rwebisengo, at Pual’s House.


Note: The music in the background is a cultural song.  

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